Creative Christmas Music

Northpoint Church has some of the most creative Christmas music available. It’s quite an enjoyable time to spend watching some of these with your family during the holiday season. 2013 Kids write the best Christmas music 2012 Les Miserables 2011 Toy Pianos and more 2010 iBand

Disney When You’re Sick

We recently visited Disney for a week. Near the end of our trip our 6 year old daughter Brielle got very sick with a stomach ache. It cuminated in throwing up in the park near the Dumbo ride. Disney went into action. Immediately she was surrounded by a wall of Disney employees creating a feeling […]

Tim Performs Magic For Mickey Mouse!

A special moment for me at Disney World was visiting Mickey Mouse at the Town Square theater where you can go backstage to see Mickey preparing to be onstage as a magician. I was given the special opportunity to perform some magic for Mickey! I did one of my favorite illusions where I multiply my […]


Going back a little in time…here’s some sage advice from us as new parents when our babies arrived in 2004 and 2006. Arianna Elizabeth Cimbura made her appearance at 2:30 pm on Sunday, April 25, 2004. She weighed in at 7 pounds and 19.5 inches. Brenda’sbirth plans were this: “Give me lots of medication. I […]


Earle Dickson invented the band-aid in 1921. What ever did kids do before that time? Band Aids are a big deal for kids. In the times of BK (Before Kids) we had a small first aid kid for emergencies. Now we’ve got bags of band-aids stashed in locations throughout the house for when the wailing […]

The Future of My Daughters

Our girls have their future life figured out. Tonight, we asked them about it. What kind of husband are you looking for? Arianna (age 7) – “I want a guy with brown hair that loves me. He should not be allergic to anything. He should know how to dance, work at the Apple Store, and […]


Tried something new a couple of days ago…Trampolining! A new place opened nearby called Zero Gravity devoted to bouncing around. Fun new things you can try: bouncing from trampoline to trampoline like you’re on the moon and off the wall. dunking basketballs. letting out your aggressions by throwing nerf balls at others in a game […]

Flash Mob Fun

Ever since seeing the “I Gotta Feeling” flash mob on Oprah, one of the things on my personal bucket list was to participate in a dance flash mob…so when I heard about one a few weeks ago I was quick to say “yes”. At first I was pretty intimidated by the length of the dance […]

Appreciating What You've Got

Comedian, Adam Corolla, talked about what makes America great on the Jay Leno show last night. It really helps put perspective on how rich we are… “Griffith Park is the greatest place on earth. It’s why the US is number one. I take the kids there to ride donkeys and go in a circle… In […]

No Soliciting

We got so tired of door to door interruptions at our home we placed a sign up on the door. It has eliminated a lot of unnecessary the traffic…use it if you like… Download the simple No Soliciting Sign. NO SOLICITING (unless you’re selling girl scout cookies) We’re sure you’re a nice person with a […]

Food for the Child at Heart

Noodles and Company…one of my favorite restaurants… Anyone notice Mickey Mouse in this?

New Experience – Paintball!

In the interest of doing new and fun things that I’ve never done before I planned a paintball excursion for me and some of my friends. We went to SplatBall. They have an indoor court that allows for play during winter. It’s in the basement of an older building…and has a distressed look. The night […]

Remembering Winston Wallin

Today I attended the remembrance service for Winston Wallin, former president of Pilsbury and CEO of Medtronic. LLC technology developed a custom FileMaker database for Wallin Education Partners that  tracks over $20 million of scholarships awarded to thousands of students. My interaction with Win came through his sincere appreciation which he personally expressed for […]

Kid Quotes 2010

So Here’s our 2010 Collection of Kid Quotes and Funny Stories… A = Arianna age 6 and B = Brielle age 4 MATH Arianna was playing the educational game TuxMath where addition problems roll down the screen and you need to get the answer right before it’s too late. The little smarty PAUSED the game […]

Movie Favorites for 2010

Here are a few of the movies we thought were worth mentioning that we saw in 2010 (not all released in 2010): Despicable Me — Great message in a funny package. Shows how the heart of a hardened criminal can be changed by the lives of three young children. Favorite movie of the year. Tangled […]

Create Healthy Routines

This weekend Jason Anderson from Eagle Brook Church provided a very practical message on parenting based on the words of Moses in the Bible. Even if you’re not a believer in the Bible or a follower of Jesus, anyone can learn from the wisdom presented in this book. Jason also shared ideas from the excellent […]

Taking Flight – Tim Flies an Airplane

OK…today I fulfilled a boyhood dream. I always wanted to fly. In fact, I remember literally taking flight as a kid in my dreams quite often as I jumped off the concrete porch at my grandfather’s house so high that I stayed up and viewed the world from the skies. I also remember my attempts […]

Learn a Language Like a Kid

Conan O’Brien once told a joke about a 94-year-old great-great grandmother that had become the oldest person in the world to earn a Masters degree. He said “She plans to continue her education. Everyone is excited for the 94 year old, except her student loan officer.” Seriously, you are never too old to learn something […]

Looking for a Speaker or Entertainer?

In case it wasn’t obvious from my web site, I’m available to come speak at your company event. With the economy on the down side, it seems that everyone needs a pick-me-up with some encouragement and inspiration. That’s exactly what I provide with my presentation entitled “Child at Heart”. My particular brand of speaking is […]

French and France Party Ideas

After spending 6 months of my life in France in and among the real people and culture, I put together the following ideas to help you in hosting a French-themed party here in the US. DECORATIONS French theme decorations might be the color of the flag of France: Red, White, and Blue. Get a big […]