Discover the secrets that we can learn from kids that will make you more successful as an adults. There’s a big difference between being child-ish vs. child-like. Participants will gain a new perspective that will compel them to recapture youth and ignite a new passion for living – leading to personal success at home, at work and in life. Finding the magic we had as children helps us to live more balanced, healthier, productive and meaningful lives.


Program benefits include:

  • Techniques to laugh more, ignite creativity, release innovation and increase productivity
  • Research-driven strategies that will improve your attitude and perspective
  • Tips to reduce stress, prevent burnout, and improve overall health while renewing and maintaining energy levels
  • Ways to deal with change and live with a renewed sense of passion and meaning in life and work

Tim’s one sheet and other info.

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” – Jerry Seinfeld